Unable to launch Vaadin Composite

I ‘am unable to launch the ‘
Vaadin Composite
’ tool properly.

First it complained about
; which I successfully installed.

Now it complains about loading some

I read something about hitting ‘
Compile Vaadin widgets
’ but it doesn’t help.

(I ‘am running under Windows 7 with Eclipse Helios SR2 and latest Vaadin Eclipse Plugin version)

Any help will be appreciatted

Hi all!

No one can help us to use Vaadin Visual editor with Eclipse Indigo on a x64 Windows 7 platform???

The pop-up message state that “Could not start XULRunner …”

Thank you in advance!

Ivano C.

This error never occured to me but did you try what the error message is telling you (going on mozilla website and following the install guide) ?