Unable to install Vaadin Eclipse plugin in Eclipse Helios.

Hi All,

I am very new to this Vaadin framework. I just got information related to this Vaadin since two days back. So I tried to install this plugin in eclipse for that I used plugin link
. But when I am trying to install this plugin I am getting the following error. For reference I am attaching an Eclipse error image..

So please provide the link for Vaadin to support Eclipse-Helios.

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The plug-in should work with Galileo, Helios, Indigo and Juno and if I remember correctly it is even built with Galileo.
There is also an older version of the plug-in for Ganymede at http://vaadin.com/eclipse/3.4.

Are you trying to install the plug-in in a Vaadin JEE developer installation or the classic installation, or some other package?
Can you try to install it in a clean Helios JEE installation and see if that works?

Thanks For your reply Henri.

Now my problem was solved. I install this plugin from Eclipse Market Place. Now the plugin was successfully installed in My Eclipse Helios.

Initially I used Install New Software option in Eclipse. I used this URL (
) for Vaading Eclipse Plugin. With this I got the problem. So I changed installation process from
Eclipse Market Place
. Once Again Thanks for your reply Henri.

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