Unable to download Vaadin-Charts 2.1 via ivy

I’m not able to get Vaadin-Charts 2.1 via ivy.
Is there any issues in the ivy configuration? I used the following:

<dependency org="com.vaadin.addon" name="vaadin-charts" rev="2.1.0" /> I’m able to download the zipped file.

Same problem here. 2.1.0 results in ivy error:

unresolved dependency: com.vaadin.addon#vaadin-charts;2.1.0: not found latest.release points to 3.0.0-alpha2.


The issue should now be fixed. The “parent pom” was not released. Sorry for your inconvenience.

I verified it works with Maven, where you can use “-U” flag to force check the artifact from the server. I pretty much never use IVY, but I’m pretty sure it has some similar flag if it caches the missing artifact status.


You fixed it Matti - Thanks. I didn’t encounter a caching issue.

Can’t take the glory of fixing it, but I’m happy to deliver the message :slight_smile:



I am facing the same issue with IVY for version 2.1.3

Impossible to resolve dependencies of com.example#v7proj;working@MACCAD1000991.local
unresolved dependency: com.vaadin#vaadin-charts;2.1.3: not found

Here is my entry in ivy.xml

I am also getting the following using Ivy

Impossible to resolve dependencies of com.example#v7proj;working@JASPER
unresolved dependency: com.vaadin.addon#vaadin-charts;2.1.3: not found

Does anyone know how to get the latest version 2.1.3 of charts using ivy