Unable to deploy migrated Vaadin 14 app to Azure

I’ve fully migrated my app to Vaadin 14, using polymer and all. The app runs correctly when started in Eclipse from the pom. But when I create a WAR file and deploy that to Azure, it fails. Since it is on the Azure cloud, I have a hard time determining what is going on. But I do notice that the node_modules are not in the war file, which I kinda assume they need be?

Azure works with Vaadin 14. Have a look at geocaching.blafoo.de

Did you create the WAR file with

mvn clean package -Pproduction


I used to deploy using the Eclipse Vaadin plugin. That works for Vaadin 10, but not for 14. I assume the cause is the missing polymer things. I’ve build using mvn package (as you suggest), and deployed locally on a Tomcat 8.5. That works, so the war is ok now. Next I have to figure out how to do the upload; curl and the azure CLI command are not working yet. To be continued…

Deploying to Azure is a bit tricky. Personally, i find the Azure Eclipse Plugin the most easiest way to deploy.

And, i changed the pom.xml this way

            <!-- Production mode is activated using -Pproduction -->

That is how I build the war file as well, always production mode. Of course using the flag is better, but right now I’m in the “whatever works” mode.

So this worked:

  • build using maven with production profile
  • create user creditials in the deployment center → FTP section
  • upload war file using curl using the user credentials