Unable to Click on buttons or tabs of vaadin portlet using Jmeter

Hi All,

We are doing performance test of our application using jmeter. But when we try to record the test suite ,Jmeter is unable to detect buttons or tabs available in vaadin portlets ,but it detects the same in case of liferay portlets.

I wonder ,how every one is doing load test of vaadin portlet application using jmeter.

Any suggestions or sample jmeter scripts for this type of test will be highly appreciated.

Chinmaya Sahu

Hi Chinmaya,

We are also testing our vaadin application using jmeter and facing similiar issues.

If you have got any solution please suggest me .

If any one also has some soution for this please suggest me.



Any update one this ??

There might be more sources about this, but one thing to keep in mind is that xsrf protection should be disabled when doing JMeter tests. See e.g.
this wiki article

As an alternative to JMeter,
you might want to use Gatling
(see the wiki link there).

Disclaimer: I have not really used either tool with Vaadin, and cannot answer any questions on details.