Unable to add Button ClickListener in Vaadin 8

I am using Vaadin 8.8.2 but the problem is consistent in entire Version 8. Upon initial creation of the project in netBeans 8.0.2 i can see the button that is instantiated in the “MyUi” class but as soon as I add the code “button.addClickListener” to the button I get a 500 with “No suchMethod found…” ERROR this is crazy because I can access Method “isVisible()” for example.

Please help

Are you sure, that your import is com.vaadin.ui.Button?

+ive otherwise I could not have instantiated the Button. The only thing I did do was change the PoM file from 7.7.17 to 8.8.4 but I deleted the Imports and re imported.

Anyway I created a new V 8 project Via Maven and it seems to be working ok …for now!

THX and could you look up my @PUSH question?