UI's from declarative XML format

In the book of Vaadin there is a section called “XML is not designed for programming”. The implication is that XML is not a good choice for designing UI’s.

However, in the Vaadin forum there are a number of threads dealing with things like deserializing to XML and serializing back to some UI.

Since GWT the UI Binder has been available “build Widget and DOM structures from XML markup using UiBinder”.

So, is it correct to say that
the layout of a Vaadin server-side UI can be built by specifying the location of UI Components with a declarative XML format?


The answer to your question is yes and no. There is no way to do that in the core framework, but an add-on named Clara (
) will do the job just fine. The UiBinder from GWT can be used for client-side UI building, not for server-side (vaadin components).