UIDL request encoding


Why are the UIDL requests to server not URL-encoded? The content-type header says “application/x-www-form-urlencoded; charset=utf-8”, but the actual post parameters are not encoded, i.e. 0x1f is not %1f and 0x1e is not %1e.

For some reason Tomcat and WebLogic seem to survive this, but Resin doesn’t and looses the first field separator, thus resulting in out-of-sync errors in the case where there isn’t any first parameter present (in our case, a dropdown) :frowning:



I took a look at the ApplicationConnection class in terminalgwt.client package and it seems that it would be an easy fix to encode the requestData that is fed to GWT’s RequestBuilder.

For some reason, older versions of Toolkit, like 5.1.0 nightly builds did work, but in 5.2.1 not. I haven’t yet have any idea why this is so… Maybe the select component UIDL didn’t have the first field empty then in our case…



Added a ticket ( http://dev.itmill.com/ticket/1831 ) to ensure that this issue is taken care of asap.

Oh… I did not notice http://dev.itmill.com/ticket/1830 (removing http://dev.itmill.com/ticket/1831 )

I’m happy to inform that itmill-toolkit-5.2.3_trunk_20080618.jar solved our problem.

Thanks for quick reply.