UI in Vaadin 14 ?


I’m using Vaadin 14.1.5.

I’ve tried to use a web.xml and an UI, I can’t add element on my UI.

public class MyUI extends UI {
	 * init.
	 * @param request the request
	protected void init(VaadinRequest request) {
		setElement(new Button("save"), new Element("save"));

In Vaadin 8.0, it works with setContent (don’t exists in Vaadin 14 anymore.)



Am I doing something wrong ?
Or it is an other way to do the mapping ?

Thanks you in advance,

The structure of Vaadin 14 app has changed from Vaadin 8, and you should not extend UI anymore.

You should download fresh application template from vaadin.com/start and start building on top of that.