UI detach-event is not fired after 20 minutes

I’ve added a detach-listener to my UI like this:

        this.addDetachListener(new DetachListener() {

            public void detach(DetachEvent event) {



As far as I know the console should show “DETACHED!” after three missed heartbeats. However, after 20 minutes (I’ve configured default heartbeat with 5 minutes, so 15 minutes should be the maximum), there was still no “DETACHED!” to read.

Worth to mention: I’ve configured a button to manually close the session like this:

UI.getCurrent().close(); VaadinSession.getCurrent().getSession().invalidate(); Page.getCurrent().setLocation(""); This fires the detach-event just fine. Yay.


Nevermind … just in the second I hit submit on this post, I received it -.- :smiley: Thanks!

However, still a bit strange that it took about 25 minutes instead of 15.