Two trial keys successively?

Is it possible to use two Vaadin Charts trial keys one after the other?
Actually my trial expired Saturday and I need to present my results tomorrow…

Downloading another trial key and installing it in my home directory “.vaadin.charts.developer.license”
and putting it into Eclipse’s Preferences /Java /InstalldJRE / default VM args
(and even refreshing/resolving Ivy)
didn’t get my charts to life:

Compiling my widgetset still gives me:
… Updating GWT module description file…
Widgetsets found from classpath:
…com.vaadin.addon.charts.Widgetset in jar:file:/home…
Starting GWT compiler
Compiling module com.example.myvaadinchart1.widgetset.Myvaadinchart1Widgetset
Found type ‘’
Found type ‘javax.validation.constraints.DecimalMax’
Detected warnings related to ‘javax.validation.Constraint’. Is validation-.jar on the classpath?
Specify -logLevel DEBUG to see all errors.
Ignoring unresolvable annotation type javax.validation.Constraint
Evaluation license for Vaadin Charts 2 has expired. Get a valid license at !

Any help appreciated - it’s urgent.
Thank you, Daniel

Hi Daniel,

I just extended your trial license key so that you should be able to present your results tomorrow.

  • Teemu

Hi Teemu,
thank you for replying so fast - but I don’t have the old key anymore …
Could you send me the old key via email?

Regarding my question: so it’s not possible to use more than one trial key?

sorry , now I tested it again: widget-compile works, also with the new key!

alas, the runtime Charts do NOT work … Maybe with the old key?

I checked the database: my testdata was gone…
So everything is fine now - thank you!