Two different languages in one app

how to put button label in one language and tooltip in another language in vaadin ?

What exactly do you mean? You can pass any value to the tooltip

Actually I’m looking for a way to show English characters in Button and tooltip in Arabic and Vice-versa

Depends on the user preference, the language should be switchable

I still don’t understand your problem, you can pass any locale to the translate method :sweat_smile:

okk. You mean pass the Locale dynamically to which ever language you need so that you can show in any number of lanaguages

Got you!

You can find an example here

After you have done that setup (same can be done with Spring as well), you just use getTranslation method of the component to get the text bookstore-flow-ee/bookstore-starter-flow-ui/src/main/java/com/vaadin/samples/crud/ at v24 · TatuLund/bookstore-flow-ee · GitHub