TwinColSelect scrolling

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Has faced a problem. I use TwinColSelect, and when the list of values becomes big enough - scroll appears on the basic window. Whether it is possible - as - that to adjust a component that scroll appeared in the field of a choice of values and basic window keep him size default?

If you limit the selector’s size (either directly or by using selector.setSizeFull() and limiting your window’s size) the scrollbars should appear to the columns, not the window itself.

I welcome you, Anna Koskinen!

Thanks, though the size of a window was to be kept.
Nevertheless, it doesn’t help.

What CSS rules to specify, that has appeared scroll at overflow?

.v-select-twincol {

Sorry, it works fine -

tcs = new TwinColSelect();
tcs.setHeight(400, Sizeable.UNITS_PIXELS);
tcs.setWidth(200, Sizeable.UNITS_PIXELS);

Now such picture. Somebody faced something similar?

It is possible to limit only on height, attempt to establish suffers width failure.:cold:

Sorry for the delay… did you figure it out already? I’ve never seen a TwinColSelect to do what your last picture shows, so I’m not quite sure what’s going on there… When I set a width (or height) to my TwinColSelect it works just fine, unless the number of pixels is too small and I can’t see what’s inside the columns anymore, but their overall positions haven’t changed… I’m using Vaadin 6.6.2 and default themes, so you might want to try with those if you aren’t already.

I welcome you, Anna Koskinen!

Yes, I have already understood (most likely, I not absolutely truly used the .setSizeFull () method ), but have decided to replace in the project TwinColSelect on two tablets with possibility of moving of records between them as it is represented to me to more functional, including at a great number of records there is a possibility to apply LazyLoad etc.
Thanks for assistance!