Twincolselect bug ?


I create twincolselect component:

When this component added to layout it looks like this:

When i select and move component from left side to right side, all becomes correct:

  1. What i have to do to achieve correct behaviour by default ?
  2. Is there any way to add item to right column from code ? It may be workaround of problem but i can`t find how to add items in right column from code … =(



  1. Not sure what’s going on - I could not reproduce the issue with a simple test. Any specific browser? Which Vaadin version? Could you post a code snippet that will reproduce the issue?

  2. These are the value of this field, so you should call setValue(…) and give a Set containing the selected options (which should be in the right column) as a parameter.


I had the same problem, it happens when there is a blank value at the top of a column.

Thanks for reply, Flurry!

It seems i haven`t blank value between items at all. But i try to add :
As i know this option restrict null value from available selection items.

Unfortunatelly bug is still there. =(

Hi, Teppi, thanks for reply !

  1. I`m use Vaadin 7.4.3, Chrome v.40.0.2214.115. I reproduce the bug and create a gif to explain him. Please see.

  2. I try to use setValue(), but it seems that works in some another way for twincolselect. It works only if i use select(id), before setValue(id).
    Working code for thoose who search the same below: