Tutorial on creating vaadin buttons, tabs, etc...

Maybe it has been already discussed. I previously found a thread that mentioned the original source PSD files for a theme and some other utilities that create sprites out of it.
I was just wondering if Vaddin people are willing to put together a more complete tutorial that is guiding through the steps to create the same quality level of buttons in term of border sharpness, projected shadows, etc…
I am not talking about another Book of Vaadin for creating Themes, but maybe an in between document that shorten the learning process for creating more themes following the same procedure that Vaddin people did.

I am also interested in such an tutorial!


Entirely my fault that this task is still “in progress”. I’m very much willing to put such tutorials together (we have initial plans actually to include something of the sort in the upcoming Sampler 2.0. No date on that yet, though.)

The problem seems to be that I don’t scale well enough, and client work is keeping me ever-busy.

I urge you to keep bugging me about this until I get something started at least. You can find more channels through which bug me on my personal website (jounikoivuviita.com). I know it would help even myself if a larger group of people new some of the intricacies of the Vaadin themes/theming, so I shouldn’t have any excuses not to do something about this.

One thing I’m not yet too sure of, is what I should expect the starting level of knowledge to be for people I could tutor. Vaadin developers with some CSS skills, or web designers with moderate/good CSS skills? But I think it would be safer to bet on the former group, so a larger group of people can learn something new.

Hi Jouni,

I worked as a webdesigner some years and then started as a developer threee years ago. In our company most of the developer just like getting the work done and do not want to care about the UI. So I take care as a “specialist” (somehow?) for the UI appearance. So, to give you my opinion on your last question - I think your target audience will have a moderate or good skill on using CSS. And in addition, if someone is really new to CSS, there are tons of tutorials throughout the web.

yeah … it is always a lot of work creating a documentation :slight_smile:
I also spend a big part of my time writing tutorials and sampler for our internal staff. Maybe I can publish some Articles, if I am allowed …