Trying to use ReindeerMods via Ivy

I wanted to configure my app to use
changing Ivy file. Dependency worked correctly and I can find reindeermods in my Ivy jars in Java Built Path.

But Ivy does not modify
like Maven does (or so documentation says, 8.4.5. Add-on Themes). So… What should I include in my
to access
theme included in jar file retrieved by Ivy?

Thanks in advance!

ReindeerMods is from a time before the Sass compiler and the addons.scss magic, so it doesn’t specify any stylesheets in its manifest file.

As a workaround, you should import the ReindeerMods theme in your own custom theme. As an example:

@import "../reindeer/legacy-styles.css";
@import "../reindeermods/styles.css";

Many thanks!