Trying to Deploy Hilla App to Tomcat.


I’ve read through the Hilla Lit docs on deploying to production and created a bare-bones app. I’ve done the mvn clean package -Pproduction to build a .war file and it completes successfully. However, when I try to deploy the .war to my local Tomcat app server, it fails with the following stack trace:

Any suggestions on where to start looking? The app runs if I use the mvnw or run it from Eclipse with the spring-boot:run goal.

Thank you,
message.txt (5.48 KB)

Just a guess: you are deploying Hilla 2.x into Tomcat 9.0?

Yes, that’s exactly right.

That’s not gonna work. Hilla 2 / Spring Boot 3 required Tomcat 10.1

Ok, not a problem. I’ll go grab Tomcat 10+ and give it a shot. Thanks!