Trying to add a unity game with js files, need help with properly loading i

Good evening, I am trying to load a Unity game onto a simple vaadin 14 application. However, none of my attempts load the javascript files. In my first attempt (image 1) I use the @JavaScript Tag and receive an Uncaught ReferenceError: Unity Loader is not defined (Image 2). In my second attempt (Image 3) I try modifying the inner html and add the javascript files that way, however I am unsure as how to reference the javascript files as referencing them from the frontend folder doesn’t seem to be working. Any help would be great thankyou.

*The images seem to be in random order, however the description should tell you which ones are for each attempt.

JavaScript annotation works in the same way as JsModule in V14 if your URL is not external.
Don’t know whether it’s external or local in your case.
Try to use getUI().get()getPage().addJavaScript() method which should work in the same way as JavaScript annotation in V13.
I think it will solve your issue.