Try Copilot now!

Hey everyone!

24.4 is just just around the corner, and Vaadin Copilot, the UI dev assistant for Vaadin / Hilla, comes pre-installed in devmode, seamlessly integrating with your IDE.

What, exactly, does that mean, you ask? Well, I’ve got some good news:

You can (and IMHO should) try Copilot right now!

This gives you a chance to be among the first to give feedback – and even though most of the features will be for Hilla in 24.4 I do think you should give it a spin anyway even if you’re a Flow user – you never know what the future might bring (I have nothing official to announce about that though wink-wink)

And to be clear: It’s not just AI – in fact, AI is just plays a minor role for now.

You’ll be able to try this visa Start soon, but for now the Hilla CLI is your best option:

  1. npx @hilla/cli init --next my-project
  2. Start the project, and activate Copilot via the devmode }>
  3. If you use IntelliJ, you can get full undo/redo by installing the Vaadin plugin

There are rough edges, and since we’re in alpha, we sometimes play a bit fast and loose with the SLA ;-) Try again later and/or let us know if things don’t work as expected.

But most of all: Let us know what you like/dislike, what you want/need – you never know what the next release might include…

Teaser below ;-)


(This is my first post on the new forum, so bear with me if this does not turn out as intended!)


Several questions:

  1. The bear that’s with you: what kind of bear is it? is it nice?
  2. If the cow is the copilot, how come it’s steering?


Looks nice. Do you have any ideas on how to make the AI completions faster? They seem potentially useful, but the iteration time is still pretty long.

Very good questions!

All animals involved are very nice – and very virtual.
The reindeer is letting the copilot do the boring steering for a while, while enjoying the view – as you can see, the cowpilot is intensely focused on the task, making sure to follow the instructions given.

As for the speed of the AI, this is one of the main things we’re working to improve, and we have made some good progress recently that is not yet deployed.

For now the AI is also quite limited in what it can do, for instance only modifying one file at a time, and that is a related problem. We’re quite optimistic and excited of the progress we’ll be able to do in the coming months – this is just the beginning.

If someone is interested in diving in deeper on the subject let me know!

Vaadin Cowpilot? I like the it :grinning:

I had to google to see if this excellent pun had already been used.
Doesn’t look like it, but I found that there is a group called Cowpilot, and they have a song called “Lie to myself”… Official anthem?


Haha, I need to give that a listen!

This is not exactly the official branding :wink: but the beta is not officially out yet, so…
“Ko” also means “cow” in Swedish, so we have two potential typos that both end up meaning the same thing, and the image is how DALL·E interpreted that…

Please do give it a spin, and let us what you think – especially about the approach as a whole, and things you’d find useful in the future!