Troubleshooting with IE (11)


When I add component which contains an applet into a layout, it load the applet well. when I remove the component of the layout IE load the applet a second time. I don’t understand why.
Can you help me ?

here the code

signature = new ComponentSignature(nameS,fnameS,contract,IDL);
compo.addComponent(new Label("toto aime le choco"));

For more information I haven’t this problem with firefox or google chrome.

In a other part of my code I add the same applet and remove without problems with IE.

her the code :

tenta.setCaption("Done"); //$NON-NLS-1$
row.setCaption("Etape 4"); //$NON-NLS-1$
sealment = new ComponentSeal(tmpHash);
backComponent.put(i, sealment);
backComponentName.put(i,"sealment"); //$NON-NLS

I don’t see the differences.
Compo is a VerticalLayout


the problem is the same with IE 7 and 8. I just tried.

No body can help me ?

Hi , I solved the problem with a trick. I set the value of the label that contains the applet to another value on a button click. I leave the UI refresh and with another button click I remove the component itself.

This trick solves the problem.
I think the push mode can do the work but, I don’t know why I cannot enable the push mode in my app.

Label applet = new Label("",ContentMode.HTML);
applet ("<object> </object>")

applet.setvalue(" ");