Trouble with VDN

We have a Vaadin app migrated from v7 to v8. In order to check how-to write better and more modern Vaadin app, I’ve downloaded the my-backery example app.
Unfortunately I can’t really run the maven widgetset goal because I got this exception:

Failed to execute goal com.vaadin:vaadin-maven-plugin:8.1.0.beta3:compile (default-cli) on project ... : Failed to download widgetset from CDN: Unable to invoke request: Connection to refused: Connection refused I found some doc about this issue with gradle that explains that a proxy should be configured.
But how should I configure the project when using Maven ?

And how can I step back to a manual widgetset configuration ?

Thanks a lot.

Ok, I found how to get rid of the CDN:

I had to comment this property out in the pom.xml:

Now I would like to know better about the CDN configuration with maven (especially the proxy part)

The default is to use local widgetset, so commenting out helps. There shouldn’t been anything special in the proxy config for the CDN, so the question is more about how to configure proxy for Java / Maven.

Didn’t test myself, but in settings.xml you can define proxies for Maven:

      <protocol>https</protocol> <!--- Use '*' for all protocols -->
      <username>[username if needed]
      <password>[password if needed]
      <host>[proxy host]

Would that work?

I confirm that after I added into Bakery starter project additional dependency for @Push support, the reported error started occuring. I had to comment in pom.xml following line:

<!-- <vaadin.widgetset.mode>fetch</vaadin.widgetset.mode> -->

Then all dependencies started to be downloaded, I confirm I am using own nexus repo which has all Vaadin repos (releases and snapshots) as proxy available.

But I experienced second issue with context menu artefacts:

After I removed completely context menu from pom.xml and classes, I was able to reenable fetch mode and service work.