Trigger Application-Start via JavaScript

Hi all,

I’m quite new to Vaadin so maybe I’m trying to do things which could be considered as … strange.

My setup: I got a Liferay-Portal-Server and a bunch of Vaadin-Portlets on it. Along with these Portlets there is a special one which isn’t developed in Vaadin - it uses a Liferay-proprietary API to embed other portlets. So in a way it acts as a container for other portlets.

Now what I’m trying to do is to notify the generic portlet via client-side IPC about the (Vaadin-) portlet to embed. So, I fire the IPC-event from within an vaadin-portlet (thanks to the Vaadin IPC Addon) - the generic portlet receives the client-side IPC and triggers again an AJAX-Call (a.k.a. ResourceRequest in the portlet-world) in order to fetch the portlet to be embedded. Now I receive the response and include it in the DOM … but nothing happens afterwards.

I guess that vaadins client-side engine doesn’t notice the sudden appearance of a new application (there is already an engine available since I have 2 other vaadin-portlets on that page). The vaadin.vaadinConfigurations-Object was updated correctly. Is there a way to trigger the loading of a certain application via JavaScript manually??