Tried Vaadin 19.0, had to revert and now my project doesn't build anymore..

I had my projected developed and running using Vaadin v18.0.2.
I recently got an email that Vaadin v19.0.0 is out, so I wanted to give that a try and adjusted the version in my pom accordingly.

Unfortunately that didn’t work. I am using an component “SuperDateTimePicker” (provided by Miki) using


and according to the error message the generation for its UI failed. :frowning:

So I reverted the Vaadin version back to 18.0.2 but now I keep getting these errors when trying to (re-)build the application:

java.lang.IllegalStateException: com.vaadin.flow.server.ExecutionFailedException: Pnpm install has exited with non zero status. Some dependencies are not installed. Check pnpm command output

How do I rectify this? I guess I need to remove something before trying a new build. But what?

And could some kind soul sketch what is/was going on here in the background that causes this so that one gets a chance to fix and take care of this in the future? I hate it when apparently “innocent” changes suddenly completely stall a build and one has no idea or indication what got derailed here.

when I have faced an issue like that with an extension, I just deleted node_modules folder and target folder.
That fixed my issue.