TreeTable with SQLContainer is it possible?

Hi all, i have an issue here. I have a tree table with hierachical container as data source. When my application first load, it will insert some parent items. Then for each parent item node , when i expand it , i will get a list of children items from web service. So my problem is when the list of children items getting bigger like 10k of items, and i insert into the container by using container.addItems(). The browser become freeze and eventually the browser become crashed! So the load whole chunks of items into container way is not working. So i decided to change to use SQLContainer, but the problems for SQLContainer is it query by the items size and items position. But in the first place i did not know how big the children items will be. and user can expand any of the parent node to get the children items. So how can i get the children items by batch? ANYONE pls give me some guide.

TreeTable apparently has some serious scalability issues, so it isn’t currently feasible with more than some thousands of items. See