TreeTable with Maven


I am trying to use TreeTable addon in my project, but all I get is this message:

I am used to put a other addons in my project and they work well, already used EasyUploads, Vaadin Calendar, MultiButton, but this is the only addon giving me this type os error.
Maven is used to compile the addon, is there any known bug?


Not sure what the problem could be, but the first things to try are “mvn vaadin:update-widgetset” (which should mention in an “ERROR” line that it finds the TreeTable widget set) and “mvn gwt:compile” (which lists all widgets compiled into the project widget set). Older archetypes have some problems.

The basics are in the
Using Vaadin with Maven
article, in the “Using Vaadin Add-ons with Maven” section.

Hi Marko,

when I run “mvn vaadin:update-widgetset” it works as expected, but the output in the console is (partly) marked as ERROR. Therefore, my Netbeans IDE is showing this in RED and the output stops there (doesn’t scroll further even that there is more output further down…).

The same red output appeares when the widgetset is compiled (INFO: Searching for paintables… and INFO: Search took 1047ms).

Could you or one of your colleagues change this from ERROR to INFO?



There’s actually ticket (
) for that. I’m not so familiar with the Maven plugin, but the problem doesn’t appear to be so simple. The messages are logged correctly at INFO level, but when the widget set update is called from the Maven plugin, they are for some reason turned into ERROR messages. This is probably caused by running the update in a separate command, as if the output streams are somehow mixed.

Thanks for the clarification.


This appears to have been discussed earlier on many occasions, such as