TreeTable is always expanded


I am using a TreeTable with a container as datasource. The container implements Collapsible and Indexed and seems to be working fine. For every item, the container returns isCollapsed = true.

Nevertheless, when my application opens, the whole tree is expanded. If I click on an item, with children then the indicator icon for “expanded” changes from “yes” to “no” and back again, but the tree is never actually collapsing.

The code for creating the table seems to be straightforward. Any idea what might be wrong?



        final TreeTable treeTable = new TreeTable("Order Details");
        treeTable.setContainerDataSource(new OrderContainer(newOrder()));
        treeTable.setVisibleColumns(new Object[]{"id", "node"});
        treeTable.setColumnExpandRatio("id", 1);

No chance for a reply?


It would generally help others helping you if they had a change to reproduce your issue easily. I quickly checked the code to see what could possibly go wrong and it now looks apparent that there is a bug in TreeTable. I haven’t built a test case for it, but it looks like I have mixed collapsed and expanded in TreeTable when collapsible container is used. Check the example implementation where it seems to be mixed at least:

I’d bet you are the second one actually using that interface, the first one being me when building tests for the TreeTable. I guess developers most commonly use just the Container.Hierarchical here.

Would you fill a ticket about the issue to and assign it directly to me. I’ll promise to fix it before going to vacation this week if you provide me a test case as an attachment to the ticket :wink:


I should be able to create something reproducable easily. Expect the issue report in the next days. Thank you!

I have created
Ticket 6598