TreeTable does not show all items

Hi all,

I have an implementation of a HierarchicalContainer which wraps a data tree that can be defined in our software. The tree interface is fairly straighforward and easily wrapped by the Vaadin Hierarchical container interface. The container also implements the Ordered interface.

When I show the data in a Tree component, everything works well. When I show things in a Table, it works fine as well. However, in a TreeTable, I randomly see no items at all, or only a small number of items. Also I sometimes see the correct indentation for child items and reserved space for their parent items, but the actual parents are missing.

See the attached screenshots. I have not been able to find a bug in my container or tree implementation. However I don’t know where I should start looking for a possible cause and the Table/TreeTable classes are rather big…

Anyone seen this behaviour before, or have an idea what might cause it?