TreeTable - Change fixed padding-left


i came across this little issue on styling an treetable.
I have very little space for displaying the treetable and want to get rid of all “useless” spacing and reduce the padding to the left as push as possible, but i can’t figure out how to change the padding of the elements in the hiearchy.
For example i have a Row1 and a Row2 and Row2 is child of Row one, the generated html looks like that:


[/code]Now the problem is, that inline css style padding-left:38px and the spacer has a inline width of 38 as well. As i understand vaadin generated a padding of 19 for every hiearchical level. But how can i for example change the paddings like - for first level 5px and second level 10px.

Any help would be awesome.



The width of the spacer is defined in CSS, the selector is .v-treetable-treespacer. If you override that then it should work:

.v-treetable-treespacer {
    width: 10px !important;

Well, Thanks for that enexpected answer.
I will try that, but i am currently not working on this project.
As soon as it crosses my fingers, i will test this and report :slight_smile:

Yeah, sorry about that. We’ve had our vacation period for the last few months, so we are just now catching up on the forum questions :slight_smile: