TreeTable and Column Widths using SetExpandRatio

I’ve read many posts and done many searches to find a suitable answer to this question: I have a treetable which contains dynamic data, and most of the columns contain numeric data. A couple of the columns contain text that can be of variable length. Using setColumnWidth(objectId, -1) divides up the available space pretty well, but the problem is that the numeric fields are given much more room than they need, and occasionally the text fields are not wide enough. I tried to solve this by setting an expand ratio on the text columns, which, when the window is big enough provides ample room for the data. But if the window is too small or the user resizes the window making it smaller, the columns which have the expand ratio set shrink in size until they are almost non-existant, while the columns that have width set to -1 behave properly. And as soon as the user manipulates the size of any one column, they all become fixed width.
Can a minimum size be set for columns with expand ratios in place? Is there a better solution to this problem. It doesn’t seem that expand ration and set size should be mutually exclusive, or at the very least there should be a minimum size (the size necessary to contain the contents?).