TreeTable and BeanItemContainer - parent & child relation


I created a lot of rows in table like this:

BeanItemContainer<A> elementsDataModel = BeanItemContainer<A>(A.class);
for (...)
    elementsDataModel.add(new A (id, name, type));

How May I add relations into table after creating data model ?

for example:

I want to add relation (parent - child) beetween A{id : 4} and A{ id : 6}

myTable.setParent(?, ?)


Hi Areq,

  1. You must call myTable.setContainerDataSource(elementsDataModel), this will wrap your BeanItemContainer into a ContainerHierarchicalWrapper.
  2. Becasue your BeanItemContainer uses the IdentityBeanIdResolver you can use your beans as identifier. So you can write
A parent = getParent();
A child = getChild();
myTable.setParent(parent, child);

Beware of correct hashCode() and equals() methods!

I try to use method setParent of TreeTable object.

I have an object of type X with two attributes filled like below :

X1 with id=1 and name=“x1”

X2 with id=1 and name=“x2”.

X1 and X2 has same id but different name.

The class of type X has a method equals and hashcode on attribute id and name.

The X1 and X2 object has different hashCode.

And I do :




X2 has ItemId equals to 1 and X1 has itemId equals to 0. Thus, X1 is parent of X2.

But, on result, in my table, I have two distinct occurs. And X2 is not a child of X1.

Can you explain to me the problem ?

Thanks by advance for your explanation.