TreeTable, a suggestion

Hi vaadiners,

I bring a challenge.

Thinking of the TreeTable, if I understood correctly, you need to add a parent and then, its children items, okay?

My suggestion: Look at the list below:

Country City
England London
England Liverpool
England York
USA New York
USA Chicago
Scotland Glasgow

Imagine that this is a result set and you need to list in a view then you decide to group by country, as below:

Country City

New York

It would be something like GroupedBeanContainer, then:

getGroupedBeanContainer().addGroupingProperty("country", 0); // where 0 is the hierarchical index, allowing set many levels.

Why? Not always we have a bean with relationship levels. In several moments, this is result of a query, or something. However, I am a newbie fascinated vaadin programmer, then, if there is an easiest way, please disconsider this suggestion.

A related enhancement request is already logged

Olá Petrus,

I am thinking a little beyond. You ever seen the DevExpress grid? If no, take a look. Observe that after rendered you can drag a column to a header above and suddenly data are grouped. This would be implemented over the TreeTable for instance. But it is interesting keep current grouping option too.

The DevExpress comparison with shows the functionality’s behaviour at runtime. This gives flexibility to the user. It is an addition to the code example posted above where grouping levels were setted during the coding, and it is a real world need.

Yes, I think you have a valid enhancement idea, Check for TreeTable relates requests, if you dont find a duplicate you can add an enhancement request ( pro accounts can ask for priority ) ,
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