TreeGrid using AbstractBackEndHierarchicalDataProvider


We recently moved to Vaaind8( 8.3.1) and I am trying to use TreeGrid, facing following issues

  1. When we use AbstractBackEndHierarchicalDataProvider how do we set the RootLevel Items in the TreeGrid? since it only has
    fetchChildrenFromBackEnd(HierarchicalQuery<ContentManagerItemBean, Void> query)
    method, as work around I am checking if query.getParent() is null then return RootLevel otherwise ChildLevel Items. See
    Image 1.png
  2. When I expand one of the ParentNode instead of fetching its Child Items only, it starts fetching Child Items for next ParentNode as wellI. See
    Image 2.png

  3. When Tree gets created the fetchChildrenFromBackEnd() is getting invoked multiple times even without touching the tree at first.

Please help if I am using the Component wrong way?


I would appreciate any kind of help

Hi Saif,

i have similiar problem did You get an answer of idea?


Your description sounds similar to this issue: and we are currently testing solution to fix it