TreeGrid Change Parent style when Child selected

As far as I can see, the
item in a TreeGrid does not change when a
is selected.
I want to visibly change the appearance of the parent so the user is aware that there is a current chlid selection. A lot of Tree compnents in various frameworks support this state. (usually in the form of a partial checkbox selection)

I’ve attemmpted to use StyleGenerator, however this only works on the item that triggered the event (click/select), and as far as I know there is no way to progamatically change the style of a given row in the TreeGrid.

So the code below only gets called on the child item being clicked, and does not re-evaluate all rows. portfolioTree.setStyleGenerator(item -> { List<PortfolioTreeItem> children = portfolioTree.getTreeData().getChildren(item); if(!children.isEmpty()) { Set<PortfolioTreeItem> selectedItems = portfolioTree.getSelectedItems(); for(PortfolioTreeItem c : children) { if(selectedItems.contains(c)) { return "child-selected"; } } return null; }else { return null; } }); Has anyone been able change the style of an arbitrary item in the Grid or have a way for me to style the parent of a selected child? - I might just have to add some jquery to handle this based on child set css…