Tree Table

Hi, Im looking for best practice advice on how to populate a tree table from an Oracle database. At the moment I have managed to get the top level nodes working using query container. However how would you then set the child nodes for those parent nodes. The tree table only seems to have a rowID which I have output from the click even it doesnt have any other tag information that would help determine this. Should i structure the application different not to use this QueryContainer is that whats needed here and use some Data structure to help populate the treeTable as the method does appear deprecated. I will also be looking to post changes back to the database and would like to know what the best approach / data structure for holding these values would be to bulk save them back.

If anyone can offer some advice it would be much appreciated.

Kind Regards,

public QueryContainer GetQueryContainer(String sql)
	   QueryContainer qcSQL = null;
	    qcSQL = new QueryContainer(sql,conn);                    
	    IndexedContainer ic = new IndexedContainer(qcSQL.getItemIds());                    
	   catch (Exception e) 
	    System.err.println (e) ;
	    System.exit (-1) ;   
	 return qcSQL;