Transitioning JSP/Java Web Application to Vaadin

Hi Everyone, I only got introduced to Vaadin about a week ago and I’ve been exploring what it can do. I have a web application written in Java with a single page in JSP. It’s just a simple UI that essentially a ticker that updates when a new row is inserted into a database.

What I would like to know is how straight forward would it be to move the UI over to Vaadin. I expect that I should be able to keep all my backend code without any modifications, but what would be the work involved in changing the necessary parts to Vaadin? Also, are there any resources out there to assist in such a process? Making a new Vaadin project is straight forward enough, but I’m not sure how to go about adapting an existing one.

Hi, you should be able to reuse your backend with Vaadin. You can either, move your backend implementation to a new Vaadin application, or add Vaadin into your JSP application.

Using an existing Java backend from Vaadin applications should be quite straightforward as Vaadin is just Java running on the server, so you can call the backend directly from your Vaadin code.

if you want to include Vaadin UIs in your JSP application,
this might help

For those looking for information about how to integrate JSP (or JSF) and Vaadin, this webinar can help:
Integrating Vaadin views into Struts and JSF applications

Hello, Alejandro, I am seeking not how to include Vaadin within a JSF or JSP database web app, but to completely move a simple JSF remote database web app to Vaadin.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.