Trac marks my comments as spam

Anybody having issues with Vaadin Trac? If I try to comment a ticket or to open a new one I receive the message:

SpamBayes determined spam probability of 99.99%

Am I missing something or the spam detecting plugin is a bit aggressive?

Thank you,


Sounds like a bit aggressive. I went through the monitoring logs and you had received bad karma for something you may have done in this or a past life, like using bad words or something. I hope there’s no pr0n star with the same name, the bayesian gods judging the karma get confused of those sometimes.

Anyhow, after some training on the bayesian filter, you could now become enlightened in this life. Please give it a try and tell if the problem persists, I don’t know if just training it a bit is enough.

I guess you completely restored my karma: now everything works! Thank you very much!

The same’s happening to me. Eg. cannot comment #16842 any more. But I’m less dangerous for the system, as my post has been evaluated with the probability only of 99.98%

Oh my. The Computer knows what is dangerous to the System. Trust the Computer. The Computer is your friend.

Anyhow, I raised the spam threshold to 99.99%. I’m sure it makes sense.

You ARE GREAT. It did help. If you have some more space in threshold’s resolution, raise to 99.9999999999% as it seems as this Bayes, or however it’s called, operates in the range with lower limit set to somewhat 95%. In other words, it’s set to starting judge every comment with an assumption there is a 5% chance it’s not a spam. Well, signum temporis.


I’m trying to submit an enhancement to the Vaadin Trac system and it is rejected claiming spam probability of 100.00%. It has no hypertext links, harsh language or anything (I can attach the text here if it’s necessary), just a feature description containing some class/method names.
Could you please help to crack this filter down?