Tours/Tutorials for Vaadin Web Applications

Nowadays a lot of more komplex Websites and Web Application no longer give the user a 100 pages long Manual PDF or html page and expect the User to read it but rather take the user on a Tour through there pages with interactive Info-Boxes.

Looking around the web you can see lots of free Javascript libraries popping up, giving the developer an easy to use interface to create their own little Tour of their Websites/Apps like for example
. Using this library you just need a few html attributes and a Javascript one-liner to start the Tour.

Now the problem is that most of these Libraries are made for Javascript and plain Html. As a Vaadin User integrating them is not that easy though i already have an idea for an easy-to-use UI extension with Intro.js.

That’s why I’m asking. Has anyone ever had any experience with creating a Web Application Tour/Tutorial in a Vaadin environment and might have some input he/she likes to share?