TouchPanel in Touchkit 2


The new Version 2 of Touchkit has lost some classes, that were contained in version 1. Like TouchPanel or TouchMenu.
SInce I wanted to use them I put the .jar of version 1 in the lib-folder next to v2.
Now I can add the TouchPanels with containing TouchMenus.

My Question is:
Is this supposed to be used like this (especially since v1 is not longer available for download) ?
Can this make any trouble I should be aware of?
Is there a reason many classes from v1 dissapeared?

Or Are the Touchmenus still contained and I didn’t see them ? If so…where?

Answers would be appreciated :slight_smile:

What I mean by TouchMenu can be seen here
(Server goes down sometimes…but its free :slight_smile: )

Anyway, nice weekend.


Touchkit 2 is a complete rewrite and it is not backwards compatible with version 1. Similar features should be there though and some more. This should get you started:

Note, that there was some refactoring done recently after the last book release. So don’t expect that part of the book to be truth and the whole truth.