Anyone using Vaadins Touchkit?
We had a project here and went for Primefaces mobile. Basically due that this one is free.

Any opinions around why I should choose Vaadins Touchkit for 700 bucks instead?

Any experiences on how developing multi-platforms webApps worx with Touchkit, that work on phones, pads and desktops as well? How far has Vaadin come on implementing tap and mouse event handling which has been a challenge on Primefaces for us?

What about auto-sizing of app-UIs depending on available screen-size?



The main point with TouchKit is the same as with core Vaadin. You’ll be coding native quality applications on the server side with the Java language you already know. No need to care about complex client server communication, not to mention html and javascript hacking.

For 2.0 release I doubt there is yet very much experience available as it was released just some weeks ago. Personally I think I wouldn’t have considered paying for the license with version 1.0, but now I think it is worth it if you are planning to create a good mobile support and you already know Vaadin itself fits for you. I’d suggest to go through our demo applications and the tutorial related to Vornitologist. Then try it yourself and make the decision. For open source projects TouchKit is available with AGPL and with CVAL you can take 30 days trial license.

PS. The mobile mail example contains example of showing different UI for different mobile devices. E.g. try with iPad and a smartphone.



Appreciate your answer :slight_smile: I am a Vaadin-believer, I am convinced over that Vaadin is the way I want to go on concernng prototyping/UI dev…
But not all my teammembers are unfortunately.

That is why I was looking for some kind of comparison, pros/cons, experiences concerning both Vaadin and Primefaces.
I have no problem on spending some money on Touchkit, being aware of what I get on the coding level. But my team members do not see that, and just see that primefaces gives them “the same” functionality for free…

F.i. we had to implement some picture-button-main-menu, basically four clickable images/pictures (onmouseup/down/clicked javascript-events changing the picture…) which made me some headaches if I had been forced to implement that in Vaadin!? On that front, very specific UI controls, Primefaces provides are more direct access to the html/Javascript level!?