TouchKit - Windows Mobile


First: Thank you for this great framework!!!
I’d like to ask you about the support of WindowsMobile of TouchKit.
Why doesn’t works it with Opera Mini?



Currently we only support webkit based browsers (e.g. iOS, android, symbian, bada). This helps us to make better TouchKit and sooner. In mobile browsers , webkit also have very large market share atm. But we’ll be awake as other other browsers get better and more broadly used.


Currently, we concentrate on WebKit, as it is used in the default browsers for iPhone and Android devices, giving support for some
69% of the market
. The Opera Mini is a major mobile browser (20%), especially in low-end mobiles, but its rendering model is not very compatible with Ajax in general. See an explanation
. I think most of the devices Opera Mini do not have a touchscreen anyhow, so the TouchKit features would not be so useful for them. The rest of the mobile browser market (5%) is mainly Symbian, which will probably only diminish. Other browsers practically do not exist.

In any case, the TouchKit compatibility applies only to TouchKit, which gives
browsing experience on touchscreen devices. For other mobile browsers, as well as for desktop browsers, you can provide a non-TouchKit UI. For example, Mobile Firefox (Fennec) seems to work just fine with regular Vaadin apps (try Sampler for example). Vaadin supports IE, so if Windows Mobile is compatible with that, it should work.