Touchkit Widgetset compile fail

I have a big Project where I want to add a very small “Mobile Version” - so I tried to add the Touchkit addon!

I build my own UI, where I want to redirect mobile devices, added the TouchKitWidgetSet Module to my widgetset and tried to compile it! Everytime I try to compile it I get an error! (I attached the full stack trace in a text file).

I am currently using Vaadin 7.5.10 & Vaadin Touchkit AGPL 4.1.0.alpha1!

Would be nice if anyone would have an idea what the problem is!

Thanks in advance!

22547.txt (34.3 KB)

Hi, you need to either upgrade to Vaadin 7.6.0.rc1, which is compatible with TouchKit 4.1.0.alpha1 or downgrade TouchKit to 4.0.x, which is compatible with Vaadin 7.5

Downgraded Touckit to 4.0.4,
Worked like a charm! Thank you very mach for that quick reply!!