TouchKit - widgeset compilation error

Hi everybody!

I have this problem: I downloaded addon TouchKit (v2.1.3) under AGPL licence. I tested it through both maven POM and JAR file - every time is it same.

Widgeset recompiling failed with this error:

Errors in ‘jar:file:/C:/Users/…/.m2/repository/com/vaadin/addon/vaadin-touchkit-agpl/2.1.3/vaadin-touchkit-agpl-2.1.3.jar!/com/vaadin/addon/touchkit/gwt/client/’
Line 117: The method isIOS() is undefined for the type BrowserInfo
Cannot proceed due to previous errors
Widgetset compilation failed

Have you ever met that…? Do I something wrong?
Thanks, Honza.


Based on the error, I guess you have a bit older Vaadin version which don’t contain API needed by TouchKit. Upgrade your Vaadin version to latest from 6.8 branch.


Thank you veru much =)! That was the problem (I had v6.7.8).