Touchkit Upload from FileSystem

Hi there,

I am using Vaadin 6.8 and Touchkit 2.0.
It’s a simple case I want to solve. I want to upload a file stored on the phone. Therefor I included the Vaadin Upload Component in my Touchkit application.
But trying to use the mechanism on an IPhone 4gs brings all my effort to a sudden end. I press the browse button and just Nothing happens.

Pretty hard to see where the error is.?!?

On android everything works fine. So anybody came across the same bug or … is there a more efficient way to deal with file uploads ?




Mobile Safari (the browser on a non-jailbroken iPhone) simply does not support File Upload - Vaadin ultimately just generates a standard HTML form upload element. See
this stack overflow discussion
for more details/discussion on this iOS restriction.

As there’s actually no user-visible file system on the iPhone, I don’t suppose this is actually that surprising : as the StackOverlow discussions says, iOS6.0 might allow upload of images from the Photos folder.



Thanks for your quick answer.

however it is very frustrating… perhaps in ios 6 then.

I guess we recommend android devices for our touchkitapplication then.