Touchkit - SwipeView

I want to make a main view with a table, and make the previous component of the swipeView occupate only 50% of the screen (like facebook and youtube android swipeview widget)? And also lock the slider of the next direction ?
thank you for responding.


That’s unfortunately not possible with the stock components of TouchKit. You’d have to write your own custom GWT widget and the associated Vaadin bindings. VSwipeView would be a good starting point though, since it provides support for the gestures you’d need for a widget like that.

Thakns for the reply, but is there any example of the VSwipeView component?

I don’t think there is. You’ll just have to read through the javadocs and sources and go from there. Be warned though: if you aren’t already familiar with the GWT side of things, there’s a lot of stuff there for you to learn.