TouchKit Scroll problem

Hi all!

We have found a problem when adding a TouckKit application to the home screen on an iPhone (iOS 7). The problem causes the keyboard to hide the field that you intended to write in. You can leave the field but will have to scroll while the keyboard is up.

Is there any way to solve this? Everything works fine when running in Safari but without the homescreen bookmark.




I noticed the same during my fishing trip last weekend. My mapping app now seems to have one text field that cannot be accessed. The same thing works ok if one uses the mobile Safari, but not if one starts the app from home screen.

iOS7 now seems to resize the browsers area and then if the input is not visible, nothing gets into the textfield. Before it worked like in mobile Safari (viewport size does not change, but keyboard gets “over” the viewport). I actually think the regression/“feature” appeared in late iOS 7 development as I didn’t notice it earlier in betas.

This definitely needs to be resolved somehow, but as a first aid you could try setting explicit height for your top level element (v6 or 7?). I’d guess it will work like before then. E.g. in initial rendering set it with Window/Page size change listener. Vertical/Horizontal changes might though need some extra logic and hacks.



Any new information on this thread? I realised that the biggest problem is the tabbarview. The tabbar is on top of the keyboard when the app is running fullscreen. See attatchment.

Is it possible for me to start an issuetracker ticket. Or is this the right place to report this kind of errors?