Touchkit Popover isn't rendered

When adding a popover component to a touchkit UI, and despite the html aand css are generated properly, the popover fails to appear.
When shown relative to another component, the triangular ‘callout’ part is shown, but not the rest of the window, which is rather wierd.
We’re using Touchkit 4.0 with the default widgetset and theme in Vaadin 7.5.9.
I have added NO custom CSS of my own and this issue is repeated on all browsers, so I guess others must have suffered from the same.

Hi Sameh,

I did quick test and it seems to work for me. Has it worked with other Touchkit/Vaadin versions? Are you sure the Popover has content set?

Here’s the lines of code, I added to the existing touchkit archetype application.

submitButton.addClickListener(new ClickListener() { @Override public void buttonClick(ClickEvent event) { Popover popover = new Popover(); popover.showRelativeTo(emailField); Label label = new Label("Hello!"); CssLayout content1 = new CssLayout(label); content1.setWidth("200px"); content1.setHeight("100px"); popover.setContent(content1); } }); Hopefully this helped you,