Touchkit on Blackberry Device

Hello there,

i created a touchkit application which works well on android and ios. But when i try to access it from a blackberry phone i get a
widgetset error message : Widgetset does not contain implementation for :null.

On Ios and Anroid there is no such message. Touchkit app runs like charm there …

anybody has a clue??



As mentioned in the compatibility list on it’s
directory listing
, touchkit only support the stock android and iOS browsers. Actually, touchkit specifically only supports WebKit based browsers right now (which includes the aforementioned, and desktop versions of chrome and safari).

I have never tried TouchKit (or core vaadin) with Blackberry. To tell you the truth I think I have never touched a blackberry device. Shame on me, but…

If I remember correctly older Blackberry browsers had serious issues with all GWT modules so the Vaadin client side just couldn’t work with Vaadin. Still I’d remember that somebody reported some success with some newer Blackberry device. They are using webkit in their browsers so in theory - there is some hope. Still, atm I’d see it is more probable that we start looking towards WP8 support as we are based in “Nokia-land”. If blackberry devices start gaining market share again, we have to make them work.



thanks for your quick response. Sorry to hear that, but then i guess i switch to another solution for Blackberry devices.



I’d like to, but can’t please all :frowning:

Would you still let me know what Blackberry devices (and/or os versions) are you targeting? If I someday get my hands on one of these devices, I’ll definitely give a quick look if there is something we could do to easily support them.


Still returning to the subject…

Information from this ticket: OS version 7 has some serious issue with Vaadin, 6 works, Playbook 2 works.

I’d assume same applies to TouchKit, except that old versions might not work with all webkit goodies we use for styling and animation.