Touchkit - Lost data commiting

Hello guys,

I get a strange behavior, resulting in data loss, with my vaadin touch-kitted application.
After getting deeper, it seems to affect also the Vornithologist sample application.

To reproduce the problem :

  • Open the Vornithologist app on your iOS device (I currently use an iPAD with iOS6)
  • Go to “Observations tab” and tap “+” to add some observation
  • Change the observer name

If you click save without going to another field (ie if the observer field has not lost focus), you will notice that the information you typed in is lost. It will display the default “Willy” instead.
If you make the same test but tap another field before saving, you get the correct information saved.

I have exactly the same behavior with my application.
It seems to happen mainly when your app is launched full-screen (when you added it as a desktop icon)

Any tip ?

Best regards

Sounds like a bug and might even be a regression. Pro tips to get this fixed soon:

Eh. I thought you were Banania? :grin: