TouchKit Hardware Requirements

Hi guys,

I’m going to start developing an mobile app with Vaadin TouchKit. I’d like to know what’s the server’s (physical machine) minimum hardware requirements.
I think it’'s worth noting that in that server there also a Liferay Portal application, in which I used Vaadin to make the UI.

I’d like some feedback asap.



Vaadin and TouchKit themselves are quite lightweight. You can run a small web server like Jetty and simple Vaadin (or TouchKit) app with surprisingly light hardware. I have never even had a need to measure how little memory or cpu is actually needed. E.g. Liferay will require several times more. Your backend, applications architecture and amount of concurrent users will be in much more important role than TouchKit when estimating actual hardware requirements.

If you can already run liferay portal in your server, I’d guess it isn’t a problem to throw in a TouchKit app in the same server.