[TouchKit] Grid is not scrollable when in SwipeView

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I have a simple layout with a NavigationManager and a SwipeView.
The SwipeView contains a

Grid theGrid = new Grid(); //...set data to grid SwipeView sw = new SwipeView(); sw.setContent(theGrid) //... When the Grid is inside of a SwipeView, it is no longer scrollable (horizontally & vertically) on Mobile-Devices (iOS + Android).

Strange behaviour:

When i try to scroll the grid-content slowly with one finger (content is not scrolling!) and
single tap
the Grid (while moving the first finger) with a second finger, the grid-content begins to move/scroll!

Seems like a focus problem or something like that?!

I am using Vaadin-Framework
and TouchKit

I can reproduce it with iOS (8+9) [Safari + Chrome]

  • Android (4+5) [StockBrowser + Chrome]
    (other devices/browsers were not tested).